15 Mei 2013

Be Me

not all of us be able to just SPEAK in front of many people..

that's why we all, are different, and having a very best ability base in ourselves.

and we can't be another us.

we can just become us.

I become me. You become you. She become her. He become him.

and this morning I've watched a new video of the best student of Diponegoro University..
you know what? she's so beautiful become her...

she speak confidently.. act perfect, and do everything well, I think..

I like her. But I'm not like her. I am me...
you can watch her here,,,

for you who always see and read all of my paper in this blog, I say thank you so much.
But don't be surprised if someday we meet but I can't speak well like I write well (gayaaa...emang tulisannya well??)

okay,, let's be ourselves..
be whoever you want to be..
do whatever you want to do..
dream like every dreams gonna be true..
let everybody know who you are..
we are not perfect, aren't we? so let's make something good, perfectly :)

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