10 Februari 2012

a winner

a winner wins a competition...
a winner wins a loser..
a winner never being arrogant of a winning...
a winner's always smile..

when I get lots information about all the things... I do realize that I'm not the only one living in this world.. there're so many people around... and if we will become a winner, we must join a competition..and if we don't wanna lose,,we must having a very big struggle, a very big passion in welcoming our victory..

but if in fact we don't have a good competency... just look in ourselves.. have we win the battle in ourselves? have we win the game within our thought?

like if we having a willing to win the battle, have we made sure that our willing is good? I mean, if we win that battle, will we be better? will we become a more and more humble person?..

or we will become more ambition in getting more and more honour?

let's be wise winner..though it's just inside us,

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