9 Februari 2012

untitled again?

So confuse to make a good title for this post.. I just wanna tell something about a boy.. No, no... not a boy... but,, a love... or..uhm....so many things inside my mind...>,<

not all of the good boy is good.. I mean,, like a good cover of a book... we're not able to know the content if we have not yet read it... may the content is as good as the cover, or may it as an opposite.. not bad to throw down on trash..

it's something like,,,if we heard some boys are good in talking or speech,,, he told us about his life, his experience,,his way of thinking...and we know that he's a very good person..but someday we found a bad side of him,,,then we know that he's not such a good boy.

nothing special... and I don't wanna write this for someone.. I just want to see the inside not from the outside.. What a wonderful world then...

because there's nobody be able to judge the others.. may today the A man do drunk...but tomorrow he will be a very good hafidz... or may today the B man's always keeping his heart, but tomorrow he become one of a bad man in crazy thing called LOVE... nobody knows.. just smile and say : Allah, save me.

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